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Rebecca is a professional dog groomer delivering an excellent grooming service, with bathing and treatments individually tailored to meet the needs of each dog. The welfare of each dog in my care is paramount, and so the greatest care is taken throughout the grooming process.

Grooming times will vary based on the grooming needs of the dog. All dogs are groomed in accordance with the owner's specifications. Click here to see dog grooming prices.

Plush Puppies full dog grooming services include:

  • Dog bathing: - Ensuring a perfect water temperature and various shampoos to suit your dog's needs.
  • Drying: - Professional blaster to get rid of any loose dead hair. Professional dog grooming hair dryer for the more nervous dog, and for that pampered feel.
  • Clippering:- Offering a range of clipping, scissoring.
  • Nails, ears, eyes and anal glands (if required):- Nails trimmed, ears cleaned & plucked, eyes cleaned and anal glands expressed if necessary.

Bathing services include:

Brushing which is essential to stimulate the skin & removes any dead coat. Shampooed in warm water with a shampoo to suit your dog's coat. Conditioner used if needed. Dried with a professional blaster/hair dryer. Includes: Nails, ears, eyes, & anal glands if required.

Treatment baths:

Treatment baths: for dry irritated skin. Medicated treatment shampoos are extras, which will be added to the price of a bath or Full Groom. Prices start from only £2. Block bookings available at a discounted price. Medicated Treatment Shampoos include: Malaseb & Zincoseb. Non Medicated Treatment Shampoo include: Dorwest Oatmeal & Lavender. Please call for further details.

De-matting Service

For full details & prices see Prices page.

Training Courses Available

Please contact Plush Puppies for more information.


023 80470356 (Mon-Sat 9am-7pm) 

07773 500 991 (Mon-Sat 8.30am-8pm) 

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