De-matting Services:

Unfortunately some dogs become severely matted; Mats can trap moisture, dirt and bacteria. They pull on the skin and can restrict the pets movement, so to de-mat a severely matted coat would cause your dog tremendous stress and discomfort, which may put them off grooming for life.Mats tend to occur in the groin area, under armpits, around the tail area, they can also occur across the whole body, becoming like a blanket where perhaps brushing has not penetrated all the way through their coat. This can also restrict the sense of feeling when smoothing or petting your dog, and so therefore the kindest & quickest way would be for the whole coat to be completely clipped off, making it more comfortable for your dog.

De-matting Prices

De-matting/Complete clip off

Up to 1 hour £25
Between 1 - 2 hours £35
Between 3 - 4 hours £55
Between 4 - 5 hours £65
Over 5 hours £75

These de-matting/clip off prices do not include the price of a bath or full groom.Prices or bookings cannot be given over the phone without firstly having a consultation with your yourself and your dog. Customers will be asked to sign a disclaimer if your dog requires this service.

Please Note: De-matting and/or clipping a matted coat can be a lengthy and tedious procedure, not only for the dog but for myself too. This is why additional time has to be charged depending on the severity of the coat to compensate for loss of booking slots.


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